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We offer specialized legal advice to large, medium and small companies operating in the agribusiness sector.  Our law firm targets all of its activities and covers the regulation of all matters concerned with agribusiness:  agrarian law, real rights, land acquisition and the lifting of encumbrances, water rights, rights of way, foreign trade, and administrative and sanitary, tax and customs authorizations.

  • Legal Physical Disencumbrance of property intended for agribusiness use.  Clients: Camposol S.A., Agroflex S.A.C., Limagro S.A., and AZ Productos S.A.C.
  • Agribusiness marketing and export contracts.  Clients: Camposol S.A., Agroflex S.A.C., and Sunshine Export S.A.C.
  • Administrative impugnment and legal review of fines imposed by Municipalities and agribusiness control and oversight agencies.  Clients: Camposol S.A., Sunshine Export S.A.C., and Nor Agro Perú S.A.C.
  • Customs procedures for export and for obtaining drawbacks, in accordance with the agricultural regime.  Clients: Camposol and Agroflex.
  • Legal and administrative corporate adjustment to the agricultural regime, contractual proposals, internal working regulations, and human resource management, etc.  Clients: Camposol, Agroflex, and Copeinca.
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