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We offer the mining sector specialized legal advice.  We cover the regulation of all stages of the mining cycle and all of the activities of both medium and large mining and small and artisanal mining, whether these be mine exploration or mine working activities, including construction, closing and post-closing.  We have broad experience in managing mining property, permits and licenses, mining contracts, tax matters and legal stability agreements for mining and in acquiring land for mining purposes.

Mining Contracts

We give advice on the drafting and negotiation of mine assignment contracts, options, joint-ventures, transfers, mortgages and, in general, the most frequent kinds of contracts concerning the mining industry.  We perform a due diligence analysis before the signing of contracts on the mining rights of third parties.

Mining Property

We have considerable experience in managing mining property and in the most sensitive legal aspects of the ordinary procedure for obtaining a legal title to a mining concession.  We also advise our clients on the fulfillment of the formal and economic obligations for maintaining the validity of mining rights.

Permits and Licenses

We design strategies and offer advice for obtaining the various permits, authorizations and licenses required for mining activity.  We guide and assist our clients in carrying out the necessary administrative formalities and represent them before the competent authorities.

Participation in a workshop with journalists from Tacna as an expert on the requirements for citizen participation and the procedures for carrying out large mining exploration projects.

  • Presentation before Tacna regional and local authorities as an expert on the legal mechanisms available in Peruvian legislation for consultation regarding or opposition to the mining projects of large mining companies.
  • Drafting and negotiation of surface land use and easement agreements for mining exploration activities in Moquegua.
  •  Legal counseling in the proceeding for the award of mining exploration claims filed simultaneously with the competent authority.
  • Legal counseling on mining exploration claims and the procedures for granting land titles in areas under regional conservation and in areas containing important water resources where indigenous populations are present.
  • Legal counseling for mining exploration companies on the legal aspects of EIS approval procedures and on citizen participation requirements.
  • Legal counseling and representation of individual holders of mining rights in the negotiation of agreements for mining options, for the assignment of mining rights,  and  for options for the acquisition of the holder corporations.
  • Review and legal opinion on the legal situation of mining rights (due diligence).
  • Confidentiality agreements for access to information about mining properties.
  • Air reconnaissance service agreements for mining exploration activities.
  • Legal counseling of the local subsidiary of one of the largest Japanese mining companies on the environmental, safety, and occupational health aspects and aspects of community relations with regard to a mining exploration project in the pre-feasibility stage.
  • Legal counseling of a potential bidder in the privatization of one of the largest government-owned copper projects.
  • Legal counseling of a potential bidder in the privatization of a government-owned phosphate project.
  • Regulatory review of all of the legal environmental and operating permits for a possible large-scale iron deposit, including the preparation of a manual of permits, a handbook and a schedule for securing them.
  • Privatization of the La Granja mineral deposits.
  • Privatization of the Michiquillay mineral deposits.
  • Analysis of and legal opinion on the payment of validity fees and penalties for mining concessions under different systems for determination and payment of that right.
  • Legal counseling of mining companies in the negotiation and signing of agreements for the assignment of mining rights, mining options, and the transfer of mining rights and service agreements with specialized companies.
  • Consultancy service for the Ministry of Energy and Mines on simplifying General Mining Bureau administrative procedures.
  • Administrative procedures for amending a program of investment in exploration and the grouping of mining rights for a mining exploration company.
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