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Roberto Santiváñez and Fidel Rocha led the team that advised Electro Dunas in all legal and regulatory issues related to its first issue of corporate bonds. Santiváñez and Rocha also collaborated and are advising Hidroeléctrica Marañón on all issues related to a $184 million financing for the development of a hydroelectric project. Santiváñez is also advising Apoyo & Asociados Internacionales, a subsidiary of Fitch Ratings, on a risk assessment of the $290 million project financing structures of Line 1 of the Electrical Mass Transit System in Lima and Callao.


“Santivanez Abogados has a very strong traditional tax and M&A practice,” one client says. “The firm is the leading law firm in Peru in the power sector. They are highly effective at understanding the regulatory environment as well as the business dynamics for companies like mine that operate in the sector.”

Fidel Rocha led the team that advised COATS Cadena on the $3.2 million sale of sale of industrial assets.

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