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Lines of electric transmission for the operation of the Quellaveco mine

Our client operates in a copper and molybdenum mining deposit located at 3,500 m a.s.l., 34 km from the city of Moquegua. The infrastructure associated with the mining operation includes two electricity transmission projects: the SE Moquegua Transmission Line – SE Papujune (220 kV and 34 km) and the SE Chilota – SE Vizcachas and SE Titire Transmission Lines (22.9 kV and 19 km). The location of the mine makes indispensable develop a transmission line of its own, with which to have access to the energy required for the construction and operations of the mine, as well as to energize the surrounding communities.

The advisory included the convocation and conduct of the bidding process for the granting of the SE Moquegua Transmission Line – SE Papujune. In this process, contracts were drafted and negotiated under the BOOT model. Likewise, contracts were drafted under the BOOT model for the SE Chilota – SE Vizcachas and SE Titire transmission lines, to be awarded in a bidding process conducted by the client. As of today, the client has been provided with regulatory and contractual advice in the execution of said contracts.

The client relied on our experience in conducting and organizing bids for the contracting of infrastructure, which allows us to enjoy a good reputation with all the agents that participated in the tender. In the same way, the client chose us in this task our domain in terms of BOOT contracting and in terms of regulation in the electricity sector.

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